Okay–I almost died–literally

dsc01410October 9, 2016

Another great week in Korea… but like, when is it not good here..?
I think my favorite experience this week was with a new investigator we have. She has met with the missionaries a lot before, has been taught almost everything about our gospel, and has read a lot of the Book of Mormon on her own… but she is struggling because she doesn’t believe there is a God, and she doesn’t understand why there are so many churches that claim to be “true” in the world. This past week when we met with her, we were able to have a really good conversation with her about how we gained our own personal testimonies of the divinity of Heavenly Father. it was such a sweet experience. The spirit was so strong, and because of that, she was able to really understand our message…. I walked away so happy and excited to be working. Like seriously, just laughing and smiling walking down the street. It made me realize how joyful this work is! And how much I LOVE being able to testify of my Heavenly Father and His son, Jesus Christ. It’s the best part of missionary work, being able to testify of them every day all day. It’s the reason I’m so happy!  Because He lives, because He loves me and because I able to share His message of hope with others! What more could anyone ask for?

This week was General Conference–hahaha–seriously, after conference ended I just cried and prayed for like 15 minutes I was so weak, hahaha I felt like Alma the younger, it was so good! Oh, gosh I can’t believe I ever took General Conference for granted before the mission, it was literally the best day ever!  I love our prophet and our leaders so much. It was so good I was just crying and crying in gratitude, hahah I sound weird saying that but whatever.

I’ll end this weeks email with a short, near death experience.  I tried to eat octopus and pig foot this week. It did not end well. I would compare it to the scene in the movies where someone starts choking at the dinner table, and then a few minutes later they are purple in the face and leaning over the table choking to death. Yes, the pig foot got stuck in my throat, and  leaned over the table choking with the whole restaurant looking at me…… and then I was coughing and franticly dry heaving and grasping for my companion and then finally (after like 5 minutes) threw up at the table in front of our member–who is referring her cousin to us to start teaching. (Throwing up at the dinner table isn’t really in PMG under “how to begin teaching”) but don’t worry, after many tears, hugs and lots of water, I survived. I’ll just never eat pig food and octopus again in my life.  Seriously, I was like “Wait—– am I going to be able to live????”  During the whole five minutes, I was choking, like it was actually super scary I’m not going to lie, I really was scared for my life but now its good because it saved me from having to eat octopus and pig feet and now I’m just going to say I’m allergic to pig foot and octopus because every time I see it, I start panicking thinking about my near death experience so really, Heavenly Father answered my prayers about the whole being scared of octopus thing because now I really cannot eat it– hahaha.

Happy Sunday everybody :))))
Sister Clegg


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