Becoming a true Korean in heart!


October 2, 2016

Hi all!  It’s been a great week.  Fun news–we just found a new gospel only investigator–meaning someone that is interested in the gospel message and not learning English. We have a lot of work to do because she says that she can’t really understand logically how there could be a God and how she doesn’t know if she has a desire to believe in God or not… and even though I’ve never have the exact feelings, but I do remember a time when I felt some similar thoughts that she explained and that helped me to be able to connect with her and understand what she was thinking because of what I had experienced. He really prepares His servants for His work :)) I’m excited to keep meeting with her because I feel like we will grow a great connection through sharing experiences and bearing my testimony. I’ll let you know how things progress with her. I’m super excited.
Also we had another great miracle that happen this week.  We invited our investigator to be baptized, and SHE ACCEPTED! I was so happy!!!! It was the first time that I personally had really directly invited someone to be baptized. (We talk about baptism in the first lesson but we hadn’t used the “real” “will you be baptized” kind of question yet) and she said that she feels peace when she prays and she loves the Book of Mormon and when she knows for sure about this church, then she will be baptized!!!! I’m so excited. just as hard as last week was, seriously, this week was a flip turn and I’ve never been this happy either!! haha  I love it. I was laughing in the streets and falling asleep smiling again. It was great. She wants her family to be the same religion… so we are starting to think of ways we can start meeting with her whole family too. Right now, we still teach her English too… so we are praying for guidance on how to help her family too :)))

OH–ELDER BEDNAR IS COMING TO OUR MISSION 🙂 !!!!  We will have a mission tour with him and be able to meet him and have a devotional with just missionaries and HIM!  What?  How awesome is that!  OIDFHAOASLDF  I’M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!  I can’t believe it!  It’s on October 20th!

Well, next week I will become an official Korea and attend a “bth house” it’s a thing that all Koreans do and it’s basically just a big sauna you go to and missionaries are allowed to go and sit in there hahaaha.  In fact, our president encourages the “experience” haha! I’m a little nervous though because I haven’t been that immodest in front of anyone before hahahah but it’s a huge part of their culture and some people do it daily, so I guess I have to in order to become a true Korean. Oh also, I ate crab legs this week and it was my first time and it’s actually super, super good. Well anyways, that’s about it this week. Thanks for the love and support and continual prayers. I feel them, and I’m grateful! It’s an awesome time to be serving in Korea. Hey also, invite the missionaries over for dinner this week and feed them!!!!!

Okay, love you!  Bye
Sister Clegg

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