English vs Gospel


September 18, 2016

This week was good in Korea (as always though :))))  It was a little challenging because it was Thanksgiving and nobody wanted to meet. haha.  But then we did go to this zone conference meeting in Gwanjuu this week, which was like another general conference for missionaries. SO COOL.

So I guess before I tell about what I learned, I’ll give a little background about missionary work in Korea. So missionary work is a lot different from what I imagined missionary work to be like before I left.  Most investigators in Korea are strictly interested in English (because we offer this 30\30 program where we teach English for free, if they will listen to our message afterwards for 30 minutes too) so its good because through English, we can meet new people that we can talk to about the gospel, but then all the people we talk to about the gospel, aren’t actually interested in the gospel. Just English. Finding investigators that are just gospel interested is really, really rare for us. So it’s hard to be bold and to teach repentance when they really aren’t interested in the message at all. So, I think for a while, I had this bad attitude about baptism and progressing investigators because I thought that most people are only interested in English and will not want accept the gospel. Which is a really bad attitude to have, I know.  But we went to this mission tour and he talked about how Korea is able to baptize one person a week, if we just have the faith to make it happen and work hard. It really changed my entire perspective on missionary work here. I think I was stuck for a long time, thinking that none of the investigators we teach will be baptized (because they are more like English students who listen to the gospel message) but it made me realize, WOW, we can find people who are ready to receive the gospel, it was just my bad attitude that was holding it back from happening! So I had lots of repenting to do.  I’m learning how we can more boldly help people come unto Christ. It doesn’t matter if they are just English interest, if they feel our love and spirit, then they will become gospel interested too!!!  I’ll have to let you know how my goals start working this next week, as I try to more boldly and with faith, teach the Korean people :))

The language is coming along.  Haha, I don’t understand a lot of people and my words are still basic. But I can get the message across and I can follow the idea of conversations. I’m really grateful though because Sister Cowley sent me a letter telling me that He wasn’t going to help me improve my language until I do everything I can to learn it first. So, it really helped me to push myself my hardest. I am still sticking to my rule of no English outside the apartment and I practice a lot. I think in two weeks, I will go to only Korean– even in the apartment. It’s hard and a little lonely, because I can’t understand and I can’t express my feelings, but I know if I do my best, then He will help me finish learning. Ya know? I’ll get it!

Love you and miss you!  Sister Clegg


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