Being late can bring blessings–despite what dad says–haha

September 12, 2016

So good news, this week I got another awesome companion! She’s also Korean, and I LOVE HER LOTS! We actually reported to the MTC on the same day, so we knew each other before.  We are both super greeny, so it all good!!!   It’s been awesome to be able to reconnect and get to work. She’s a hard worker, dedicated, obedient and loving. Everything you need to be successful!  So yes, it’s awesome!

This week, we had an awesome experience just outside our apartment. In Korea, you ride the bus everywhere. Like legit everywhere.  Usually we wait about 5 minutes for the bus. But some reason, this time it wasn’t scheduled to come for another 14 minutes (??!!??) so it was a little strange and we were already late, so we were a little frustrated.  Then randomly, a guy sat down next to us.  We started talking to him, and turns out he was super interested in our message. He kept asking questions and accepted pamphlets and a Book of Mormon, and asked when\where our church met and told us he would be attending next week??  (defs, a first for prostelying) It was such a miracle to find such an awesome prepared person. As soon as the bus came, I realized how perfect Heavenly Father’s timing was. If the bus had come in the usual 5 minutes, we would have missed the opportunity to share the gospel. He really is the little details in our lives. I love being able to be a first-hand witness of those miracles everyday as a missionary. It’s an awesome work!

This morning, I really studied about the treasures in our life. It always says in the scriptures:  where your treasures are, there is your heart also, and if you put your treasures in heaven, then you will be blessed. But what actually, are our treasures? What are our deepest desires and wants in life? Are they centered on Him and our purpose for (me as a mission, the missionary’s purpose, or you as regular people, to return to him)?  It really made me sit back and think about my deep, deep desires in life right now. Obviously I am still learning how to completely forget about home, myself and only focus on Korea and the people here. So it was a great reflection time and I learned lots on what more I need to be doing.

I’m happy and life is good and Korea is the best place on earth :)))
Sister Clegg

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