Time for a change. . .


September 4, 2016

Well, this week was good. I just said goodbye to my first trainer! I’m going to get a call later today that tells me who my next companion is. I’m on splits right now with a sister from Bountiful. It’s fun. She’s awesome. I think I’m super scared for this week because I don’t really know that much about our area and my new companion will expect me to know everything but that’s okay–the Lord will guide me :)))  Am I right?????

Anyway, so this week was awesome as far as learning goes… I think I had a major break-through, personal wise. I think I was so nervous about being good and changing and being a successful missionary and blah blah blah that I was missing the main point.. the main point of a mission isn’t to become a great missionary, the main point is to focus on the other people, investigators, non-members, less-actives, members and everybody else BUT ME and then, when you really just forget about what you will become, that’s when He changes you. It was an awesome break-through because now I really understand what it means to “forget about yourself and just get to work”… and I’m so grateful because it makes things so much less stressful and fun. I don’t know if that makes sense.. but yeah anyways.. It was a great week to just forget about myself and learn how to just only focus on others.


I also had a good week as far as language goes. Because my first companion was Korean and didn’t know how to “learn Korean,” I felt super lost and confused on how to learn the language this entire transfer.. but then I really just prayed about it this last week and realized… wait.. why don’t I just ask Heavenly Father? and then I knelt down and just said, “I don’t know how to learn Korean, please help me, tell me how to do this” and then we watched this video for training and I got my answer!  Literally that same day!  and I have seen such an improvement already. Really, we just need to ask our questions, and He will answer them. It was an awesome break-through for that, too. I feel like each week I am learning and growing in small ways that really make a huge difference overall. It’s awesome. We have two new investigators that I see a lot of potential in.  We are only able to teach them once a week though.  So I’m kind of bummed about that. But they are both in high school and seriously, they are so awesome.  It reminds me of the blessing I got when I got set apart about working with young women members. There are only 2 young women in our branch right now, but I think we are going to try to work with them to do member lessons and I’m excited to work with them all together and really help the young women that I can in Korea.

I am happy and sad altogether for Joce.  I can’t believe she’s getting married, but then I also knew it right after they started dating too.  I can’t believe it. Oh well, on her wedding day, there will be lots of miracles in Korea because there will be lots of sacrifice :))))  So that’s exciting. I think that’s all for this week…

Well, I love you all lots. Tell the boys I love them.
Love you both–Bye:)

Sister Clegg

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