What Are The Chances????


August 28, 2016

Hi !!!
This last week was SO GOOD. I’ll just jump right in.
So before I start, I have to tell two back stories.
1. So my companion and I have been going through old records and contacting old investigators asking if we can meet with them again. About 99% of them all said no… HAHA… and a lot of them hung up or didn’t even answer. But there was this one girl in particular that we couldn’t get a hold of. We felt super good about her, so we called almost every day for like a week.
2. A few weeks ago we ran into an Albanian student studying in Korea right now. We talked to her for a while, but she was going to a different city that night and wasn’t able to meet later. She didn’t have a working phone, but we decided to still give our number anyways in hopes that when she returned to our city she would contact us.

So one day we were sitting at the bus stop and we randomly get a call from the old investigator we had been trying to get a hold of. We were super excited cause we had seriously called her like 10 million times. She answered and said that a foreigner was with her, and that the foreigner had asked to borrow her phone to call us. And then when they had typed in the number, the old investigator recognized the number and decided to call us back! and that she wanted to meet us! WHAT!!! So we literally ran all the way from the bus stop to the church to meet them. haha probably really funny to see…. a blonde American sprinting down the streets with sweat literally dripping down my face. BUT WHAT THE HECK! WHAT ARE THE CHANCES THAT THE RANDOM FOREIGNER RAN INTO A RANDOM KOREAN ASKING TO BORROW HER PHONE AND THEN IT JUST SO HAPPENED TO BE THE OLD INVESTIGATOR WE HAD BEEN TRYING TO CONTACT! I have never felt the spirit so strong. My companion and i were literally in tears while we were running. It was the biggest miracle. I have no doubt in my mind that Heavenly FAther is over everything. He leads and directs our lives and makes these things possible to further along His work. He knows all! After meeting with her, we walked away with an absolute knowledge that He directs our lives and leads us along. So grateful for this work and what it is teaching me! He lives and I love being a missionary :)))

Sister Clegg

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