Flying Peaches!

flying peaches

August 14, 2016 – Week 3 in Korea

To start out this email, I thought it would be good to share a memorable experience that happened yesterday after church. So, the Korean people show their love through food. Lots and lots of food. The more food they give, the more they love you. So one of the ladies in our ward decided to give us two massive bags of huge peaches. (I don’t know how we will eat them all, plx pray 4 us) but nonetheless, we were walking home for lunch yesterday with these two massive bags of peaches. The light turned green for us to start crossing the street. (ps keep in mind there is 50,000 million people in Korean and this street is seriously 6 lanes wide).  So we started crossing the street, and my foot got stuck on the street divider and with these massive bags of peaches, I started to fall. And I kept falling…. and falling… until I was literally laying on the burning hot concrete… So there I was, in the middle of Korea, in a busy intersection, crowded with tons of people all looking at me, with peaches flying everywhere. hahah… Such a classic Emily moment! OH and what’s better is by the time I got up, the light had turned red and the busses and cars were honking at us, as we tried to pick up the peaches all over the road… hahah.. Love it.

Anyways, this week was awesome. The Lord is really sending down miracles to 순천. When we first started the transfer, we had “0” investigators. Now, we are 3 weeks in, and we have FIVE! I am so grateful for all of His help.

I teach English like every day haha.. Literally all of our investigators are from English interest. It’s scary because I have no idea how to teach English and half the reason they meet with us is because of my English but oh well, hahah, the Lord will provide a way. Things with my companion are awesome. She goes home in 3 weeks!!!  So weird!  I’m scared to get a new companion, hahah also because I don’t know our area so then, when she leaves, and my new companion comes, I won’t know what to do.  Oh well, its good. So we also ride busses everywhere and it’s fun. It’s still so hot and yeah, that part is kind of sucky–haah. The language is going good, please still keep praying for me haha.. I am starting to understand sacrament meeting more which is a major blessing.  Please keep praying for my Korean, it is improving, but it’s slow and sometimes it’s very frustrating for me because I can’t express my true feelings. I really appreciate all the prayers that are sent my way!

I’ll share one experience that really helped me this past week. So my mom is the best! When I got to Korea, she already had a package here waiting for me (luv u mum). Inside the package, she put a big bag of life savers. Now at home, life savers are good. But here in Korea, where literally every single thing is different from home, life savers are literally the greatest food I have ever eaten and yea, I may have gotten teary-eyed opening the bag. I decided it’d be nice to give some to a less active member we are working with right now. Usually, Koreans don’t like minty flavored things because it tastes like medicine. But she actually loved it! So I told her I would bring more to church tomorrow if she wanted some. The next day, SHE WAS THERE! Such a big miracle. She hasn’t been in a very long time. So after church we were talking with her, and she reached in my backpack and grabbed the entire bag of life savers and took them. At first, I am not going to lie, I was very hesitant hahah…. They were my one thing from home! I was planning on giving her a handful or two, but not the entire bag! But there wasn’t anything I could do, so i just laughed and kept going. Later that day, after church when we were walking (post peach fall) I was thinking of the life savers I had just given away — in my head — TBH, I was a little sad (haha this is very embarrassing to admit, okay, I know they are just life savers) but then I realized… how selfish of me! I am here to love, serve and give of myself! ALL of myself! It really helped me realize, what more am I holding back? What more of myself can I give?  Whether it’s physical candy, or my attitude, love and testimony. When we can learn to fully give everything of ourselves, willingly, then the Lord blesses us more freely and our capacity to love and have charity towards others increases. I am grateful for the experiences in Korea that await me to more fully understand this! I pray all of you can find more ways to give of yourself willingly and serve. In return, I know we all will be blessed with a greater love for those around us.
Sister Clegg


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