Time Is Flying


July 13, 2016 – Week 7 MTC

Heeeyyooo fam back home!
Honestly this week has been “the best week yet!” Lots was learned :))
I’m approaching my departure so soon! I leave the MTC in 12 days. I can’t believe how fast time has been flying by. It makes me sad! It’s going too fast already!

I’m not going to lie though, I am straight terrified to get to Korea–Mostly because of the language.  I have a feeling it will be a little overwhelming for a quite a while. BUT! This week we had a super, good devotional that helped calm my nerves so much. It was given by the Hafens. They talked about how trials are a privilege. With me leaving for Korea on my mind so much, it hit me hard. He said something that specifically stuck with me. He said “the sacrifice we pay to know Him is a privilege”. When we are stretched, tested, and weighed down with trials, we come to know Him better. That is why all those trials and sacrifices are actually privileges. We turn to Him, learn to rely on Him, and get to know Him better. What more could we ask for in this life? To know Him better? I’m so grateful for Brother Hafen’s words. He’s awesome. I walked away with a greater desire to appreciate sacrifices. I challenge of you to do the same :)))

Lots of love ALWAYS!

Sister Clegg

Sister Brady and I – my running partner!


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