“I really regret not listening to my mom!”


She was met at the airport by Pres & Sister Madsen and then it was a 6 hr drive to the mission home.

July 31, 2016

WOW WHAT A WEEK–I AM ACTUALLY IN KOREA! I am not going to lie, the first thought I had after stepping off the airplane is “okay wow it is hot”… BUT shortly after that, I looked around and thought “I’M FINALLY HERE!” Although Korea is pretty much the exact opposite from America (in literally every way possible) I actually feel very at home here. Just one of the many signs that this is where/what I should be doing right now :)))
Looking back on the week, there’s so much that could be said. I really do not even know where to start.


I guess I’ll start with my companion! My companion’s name is Park Jiin, and she’s from Puson Korea! I am so grateful for her. I don’t think I could do anything here without her. I am SO blessed to have a native companion. She helps so much with Korean, it is unreal. She’s been out 1.5 years too! This is her final transfer, and I couldn’t be more grateful she is spending it training me! She’s awesome, I love her already. After we were assigned our trainer’s, we headed out to our areas.  It is the most hot and humid part of our mission:))) what a great blessing :))) I LOVE IT! It has lots of green, beautiful plants everywhere. Our branch has about 30 active members. I have so much respect for active Korean members…. being a member in Korea is so hard, especially when you don’t have enough people in your ward to even have a primary, let alone a young women’s program. Really made me appreciate the amazing ward and active friends I have at home. I tried my best to say hello on Sunday, but to be honest, I don’t know how to say much more than that… HAHA… so my love was shown more in hugs and waves…
Speaking of language… WOW! My MTC teacher always told us that we shouldn’t email home “I don’t know any Korean” the first week… but honestly, that is exactly how I feel! I think it was an answer to my prayers to have a Korean companion though. She is constantly talking with me and teaching me.

My kitchen area

So our area is currently lacking in new investigators/new people to teach. So we do a lot of proselyting and trying to find people to teach. This past week–before we went out, we had a couple hours in the day where we didn’t have any appointments. So we prayed that we would be able to find someone new to teach in that time. And not just somebody who would accept our pamphlets/Book of Mormon, but somebody that would be interested and we could meet with again. We were out walking the streets, in the 1000 degree weather, and we decided to stop and talk to this man at the bus stop. After getting to know him a little more, we were find out that he’s actually Christian! We were able to introduce him to the Book of Mormon, and he actually accepted it! (PS a lot of people reject our pamphlets and Book of Mormons, so to hand out a Book of Mormon is GREAT!) We then loaded on to the bus. I was so grateful because Heavenly Father led us to somebody that was accepting of our message. While on the bus, I said a prayer of gratitude and then asked Heavenly Father to bless him to accept our message and read the Book of Mormon. Then as we were getting off the bus, I looked back and he was reading the Book of Mormon! Such a miracle and a major blessing. I really hope we will be able to meet with him again soon!
Just one of the many miracles of the week.

I was looking back at the week this morning, and trying to think of the biggest things I’ve learned in my short time in Korea so far. They would probably be

1. I really regret not listening to my mom when she told me to buy lighter/cooler clothes :)))))   (smiles inserted by mom)
2. If we are to have faith, and not just a belief, but a knowledge that God will answer our prayers, then we are unstoppable. The more faith we have, the greater ability Heavenly Father has to bless us. If we just merely ask for things and hope to receive answers, then His capacity to bless us is so small. But if we mightily pray, sincerely ask, with all the energy of our hearts, He will open the windows of Heaven and send down miracles.
Faith really is the most important thing! I know I always talk about that, but really….. Everything would be pointless without it.
I LOVE KOREA! It’s hot and humid, but full of lots of love and LOTS of potential! I’m excited to spend the next 1.5 years loving the people here.

Sister Clegg


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