Hardest Goodbye Yet

July 20, 2016 – Week 8 MTC

Heyoooo Fam!
–Because of that, I just had to say my hardest goodbye yet, the temple :((( Today was our last day to attend the temple for 1.5 years! It was so hard leaving the Celestial room, knowing I wouldn’t be back for such a long time. The temple has become one of the most important parts of my life. The covenants we make there have completely changed who I am as a person. I could never put into words my gratitude for the peace, confidence, love, and assurance that comes from regularly attending the temple. It truly is the House of Lord. The times I have felt my Heavenly Father’s love for me the strongest, have always been in the temple. I seriously am going to miss it so much.

DSC00144.JPGThis week was one of the best weeks yet. Elder Bednar came AGAIN! It was so cool that I was able to be at the MTC, and see him speak twice! He is so powerful. He did a question\answer session with all the missionaries for a couple hours. I think I took 100 pages of notes, all filled with things I needed to be doing better. I have much to improve on :))) then he ended with the most powerful testimony I have ever heard. He said “I bear a witness, that is as strong as all the 5 senses combined, that Jesus Christ lives”. OKAY WHAT! So cool. I love Elder Bednar.

One thing that stuck out to me the most from his talk is when he talked about the difference between “knowing the church is true” and “being converted”. We can know the church is true, but not be fully converted to the church. When you are fully converted to the church, you are constantly applying your testimony to your own life, and always striving to become better. You cannot simply survive this life with a “testimony”. You must be fully converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ to make it back to His presence. It made me think–how am I applying my testimony? If I know Christ lives, am I constantly testifying of Him? If I know the Book of Mormon is true, am I always reading it? If I know that modern day revelation occurs, am I always seeking to obtain it? Lots of good stuff taught by Elder Bednar :)))

Can’t believe next time I email, ILL BE IN KOREA! the time has gone by so fast. I’m nervous, but excited to finally start this crazy adventure. Hopefully the Koreans can understand at least 10% of what I say :)))

사랑합니다 ❤

클륵 자매님

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