Half Way Thru the MTC!












June 29, 2016 – Week 5 MTC

I made to the halfway mark in the MTC!!  I can’t believe it–hahaha I feel like I just left. I don’t feel like the time has been going slow at all… it makes me scared because then I feel like it will go even faster in the field and I don’t want it to go too fast… I’m also so terrified to leave the MTC–dang. I am not feeling prepared with the language–but then I think of how scared I was before I left for the MTC and how Heavenly Father has helped me so much! I try to just remember that so then I don’t get too scared!


I met my mission president this week!! It was so cool. It was neat to sit there, look at him and just talk to him. It’s weird to just think about how much he is going to influence my life. He’s really awesome. He’s lived all over and speaks so many languages and served his mission in Daejeon and his son served there!  I’m excited to get to know him more. Sister Madsen was so nice too. We only got to talk for like an hour, but I loved it. I’ll send some pictures. It was cool because since it was mission president’s seminar, all the 12 apostles, the first presidency, the prophet and their wives were here on the MTC campus ALL WEEK! We were just in the building next to them learning Korean while they talked to the mission presidents. We never got to see them–but dang, it was so cool to think about.

Honestly this week was cool because I saw a lot of my setting apart blessing “come to pass.” I am forever grateful for that blessing.  I’ve been doing interviews lately with the new missionaries as part of my calling and there have been times where I’ll see my “perceptive eye” come out and bless me and guide me. There is also this line in my patriarchal blessing that says, “as I recognize the efforts and accomplishments of others, words will come easily” I see that not only when I teach and I need Korean words, but also when I am comforting the new missionaries. It’s awesome–I am so grateful for those blessings.

Well, sorry this is short this week–it’s been a crazy day!

Love, Sister Clegg!


AS A SIDE NOTE FROM MOM–THIS IS PIX OF HER “HALF WAY” MARK IN THE MTC!       I thought she might enjoy “half” of some items–half a skirt, half a shirt, half a bag of jerky, a half eaten donut, and a few other things.  But of course–I added in a half a cube of BUTTER!




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