you gotta get your words right!


June 1, 2016 – Week 1 MTC

HELLO. I feel like most missionaries start out their first emails home with “wow so much to say, so little time” or something…. Now I can finally relate. What a week! I guess I’ll just jump right in.

I think one of the biggest things I have learned this week is the power of prayer. Not that I didn’t pray before my mission, but I didn’t understand how deep and personal prayers could be. Being at the MTC, there’s so much to think about, so much to learn, so much to do, so much pressure, a lot of changes, etc. I don’t think I could do any of it without prayer. I’ve really started to make my prayers deep conversations, and I’m so grateful for how much Heavenly Father has taught me through them.

An example would have to be from on Sunday. The past few weeks I haven’t allowed myself to think about the reality of saying goodbye to everything. When you get to the MTC, everything is scheduled and every minute has a purpose. So you don’t necessarily have time to think about that part of things either. But on Sunday, things start to slow down. It was the first time in weeks, that I let myself “feel”. It was a bit overwhelming, I am not going to lie. But we were singing in choir (????? never thought I would ever enjoy choir??? it’s a miracle, really) Sweet Hour of Prayer. There’s a line in the bottom of the song that says “I’ll cast on Him my every care and trust in Him, Sweet Hour of Prayer”. It got me thinking that I don’t need to feel the burden of the “goodbyes”. So later that night when I was praying, I decided to “cast on him my every care” and ask Heavenly Father to heal my heart and help lift the burden of goodbyes off my chest so I can focus more clearly on the work. And honestly, I have not felt discouragement or pain since. It’s amazing how much He can do for us if we simply ask! Thank Heavenly Father for your blessings, tell him what you’re struggling with, ask for strength, and wait to feel His love while you pray. It can do miracles in our lives.

The language is going great! (not really haha) The important part is I can pray and bear my testimony. Which is all you need, right?
Fun story: in Korean, prostitute and missionary are one syllable off… so yeah. you can only imagine the fun that comes with that. Introducing yourself as a prostitute for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints isn’t necessarily the best first impression.
Until next week!
Sister Clegg

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