you can know yourself

June 8, 2016 – Week 2 MTC

Just another gooooood week in the MTC. I’ll just jump right in.

Last night was one of the most powerful experiences of my life. Elder Bednar came and was able to speak to all the missionaries in the MTC across the world. So it was the largest gathering of missionaries on the earth at one time. So cool to think about. His message was centered around the idea of being a “one” in the Lord’s eyes. He spoke about how individual our relationships with Heavenly Father are. He gave multiple examples in the scriptures (ex: The prodigal son, the lost sheep, the children He blessed one by one when He visited the Americas, etc) that proved the importance of our special relationships with Him.

Elder Bednar also talked about how there is no such thing as coincidence in the Lord’s work. Every place we go and every person we talk to has a purpose. He orchestrates experiences in our lives so we are able to accomplish His work on earth. Which is perfect, because the next 1.5 years, is just going to be full of those kinds of experiences.

Elder Bednar challenged us to search for sections in the scriptures that demonstrate the idea of being a “one” in Christ’s eyes. He promised us that when we did this, we would come to truly know and understand ourselves and our relationship with Heavenly Father. And now I’m challenging all of you! Search the scriptures!

Learn more about your relationship with Heavenly Father and come to more fully know Him. Then you can know yourself!


Sister Clegg

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