LUVVVVV Teaching!

DSC01327September 25, 2017
Good experience of the week:
We had set up a ride for her with the members, and then like 10 minutes before church starts, the member calls and says that she wasn’t at the meet up stop, and they were coming to church without her! We were SO SAD! But then like 45 minutes later, she showed up!!! Apparently all the clocks in her house are slow, and she went out late to meet her and missed her! So then she took the bus and came late! AHH WE WERE SO HAPPY!
After church, we did a lesson together. The spirit was so strong! I felt like Heavenly Father was really directing us what to say the whole time. We spent a lot of time talking about repentance. It’s been the subject or our lessons the last few times we’ve visited her. She asked us how we repent and what repentance means to her? She opened up about how she has been trying to repent, but has been left speechless because she just doesn’t know how to pray for forgiveness. We all went around and shared our testimonies and experiences. Then after, we read together Moroni 8, about how the first fruits of repentance is baptism.. and then we invited her to be baptized, and she said YES! She said that she really wants to change her life, and prepare for baptism. We were so excited! The last part of the lesson was focused on how she can feel the Holy Ghost and recognize it in her life.
An experience came to my mind of when I was traveling with my family in Jerusalem. We were visiting the Garden Tomb, a place recognized as where Christ was resurrected on that Easter Sunday. I remember my family and I all sang together I believe in Christ, and I stand All Amazed. Afterwards, we were sitting down, and I just start crying! The peace I felt, and the love I felt from my Savior was so overwhelming. I knew in that moment, that Jesus really is the Christ, and He suffered it all, died and was resurrected for me.  The Spirit spoke to me, testifying to me of the reality of my Savior and Redeemer. While I was sharing the experience, we were all crying together! I really felt the Savior with us during that lesson. I felt how much He loves our investigator and how much He loves me. Because He loves us, He has given us the chance to change and repent every day. He has given us the chance to progress, learn, and become new people through Him. Through Him, we can receive the strength to really change our lives! We really can change our weaknesses into strengths. We really can become new! I love My Savior, Jesus Christ. I can’t express how grateful I am for the chance to change. Grateful for His sacrifice, and grateful for the chance to help other people experience and come to know Him.
Sista Clegggggggggg

The Plan is Great!


P-day Fun!

September 11, 2017

Miracle #1: We have been praying for and trying to meet this less active member the past few weeks. Growing up, she always attended church with her family, but after she married a nonmember, she slowly went less active. She is originally from another city, but recently moved to here a few months ago with her family. This week we were SO EXCITED because we finally got an appointment with her. We spent like all of companionship study role playing and what not, trying to make the perfect plan and to go and invite her family to learn about the gospel and help prepare them to be sealed together in the temple BECAUSE WE WERE SO EXCITED.
We showed up, and she gathers her whole family into the family room and we sat down. We start talking, and within minutes she starts bawling and tells us that lately she has felt the need to bring her family into the gospel. She said that growing up, she never understood why her parents forced her to come to church and sit down.. but as she has become a mother and struggled in her relationship with her husband, she has learned that when times are really hard, there really is nothing but God to help her. Looking back, she regrets that not putting the Lord first in her life and wants to start now bu helping her family be baptized! We were seriously all crying together. SO BLESSED. Didn’t end up talking about anything we planned, but it was seriously 10000x better than anything we could have planned.
At the end of the meeting, we all knelt down and started by teaching her kids and husband how to pray. She then asked if she could pray for her family. As she prayed, the spirit totally filled the room. She was full of so much emotion and hope for her family. She expressed gratitude for the blessings of the gospel and pleaded for help as they try to change their lives and start to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I’m pretty sure it was the first prayer she has said with all her family together, and it was such a cool experience to be part of something that special. So humbled and grateful to be part of Heavenly Father’s plan for her and her family.
The past two weeks, we have prayed almost every day to meet her, and after meeting her, I was so overwhelmed with gratitude for my Heavenly Father. He really answers our prayers. He knows us, He loves us, He’s aware of us, and He is constantly watching over us.
Lunchtime nap!
Miracle #2: A few weeks we had a Mini-MTC thing with our mission president, the mission leaders in our stake.  At the meeting, I was talking with a recent-ish convert. I asked her if she had any friends who would be interested in learning about the gospel. She then got super excited and told us about her friend who had met with missionaries a few years ago and wanted to get baptized, but because she didn’t have parental approval, she wasn’t able to…. BUT–wait for it–she recently moved to our city to go to college, and would love to meet with us. WE WERE SO EXCITED! So we set up an appointment for yesterday, and met for the first time. SHE IS SO PREPARED!!! I COULDNT BELIEVE IT. She set her own baptismal date, and kept talking about how excited she is to be able to finally get baptized. I WANTED TO CRY THE WHOLE TIM!!!!
Again, after meeting her, I couldn’t help but be so overwhelmed in gratitude for my Heavenly Father. I have prayed my whole mission to find people to baptize and help accept the gospel.. and I feel like Heavenly Father purposefully didn’t let me meet anybody ready for the gospel until the end of my mission! HAHA but seriously.. He really tested my patience the last 15 months. But in result of that, my testimony has been so solidified and strengthened. He really knows us, He hears our prayers, He knows our silent pleadings, and He is continually watching over us. SO EXCITED TO BE ABLE MEET THESE PEOPLE!
Miracle #3: We have been working with an investigator that was referred to us from another mission. We met her again this week, and taught the plan of Salvation. Before we taught it, she said really bluntly that she doesn’t like talking about Heaven and Hell because it just isn’t her “style” but as soon as we started teaching it, she said “Wow, this is really so different” and she immediately got interested. She asked so many questions and was so into it. Then after we finished, we started to invite her to pray to know that the Plan of Salvation is really Heavenly Father’s plan for her, and she said, “I don’t need to pray, this is right”(!!!!! WHAT?)
She said that when she asked other churches, they all had different answers that never made sense to her. She said that some religions said that if you don’t believe in Jesus Christ, then you are going to hell. That never made sense to her. But then, other religions also said that if you don’t believe in Jesus Christ, but live good lives, you can’t go to Heaven, but you are still going to a “good place”…and she said when she heard that, that didn’t’ make sense to her either. But after hearing the Plan of Salvation, it all made sense to her!
We taught about the temple and baptism for the dead, and family history, and she instantly got interested. She said that no other churches believe this way, and because of that, she knows that this is really a true plan for us! Me and my companion just looked at each other like.. “haha okay, is this real life???? She is so prepared” HAHA we were so excited!
When she was talking and bearing her first testimony of the Plan of Salvation, the spirit was so strong. My heart was so full, and I after hearing her speak, I too was able to testify with certainty…. the Plan of Salvation is really true!! We really were living with our Heavenly Father before this life, and we were sent her to earth to learn, gain experience, grow and become more like Him. We were sent here to prepare to live with Him and our families for eternity! This life really isn’t the end, it is the beginning and the start of something so much greater! After we die, and are resurrected, we will be judged for our works. Because He loves us, and wants us all to return to live with Him, He has provided us the Gospel. If we remember the Plan of Salvation, and live the Gospel of Jesus Christ during this life, when we are brought before Heavenly Father and at judgement, we will be welcomed into His arms, completely ready to meet our Maker. We will be full of joy and satisfaction, knowing that we really did it! We overcame the world! So grateful for my Savior, Jesus Christ, who makes this all possible. He really lives, and because He lives, we all will too.
Aunt Lisa passed away on September 13th.  Two days after this letter home.
So grateful for knowledge of The Plan of Salvation. Especially during this time with my own family. Grateful for my Aunt Lisa, and how strong she is. I love her so much.  Grateful this isn’t the end for her, but the beginning. I’m grateful my family has been blessed to know the Plan of Salvation. I know He lives and because of Him, she will too.
Blessed to serve. Blessed to sacrifice. Blessed to be here. Blessed to be part of something so great. Blessed to have my family, and blessed to know we will live together for eternity.
Sister Clegg



DSC05123[1]September 4, 2017

Good week!
Fav experiences:
First experience was when we met an investigator on Wednesday. Last week when we met her, she said she didn’t understand why Heavenly Father has commanded us to get married and have families. So we decided we would focus on eternal families when we met her this week. We reviewed the Plan of Salvation and read the Family Proclamation with her. We explained the simple doctrine of how families are at the center of His plan for us. Through families, we can participate in Heavenly Father’s plan, progress, learn and continue on the path to return to live with Him. In order to live in harmony, peace and happiness with our families here on earth, He has provided the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, our families can experience real peace and grow together. If we continue to progress down the path back to Him with our families, every day striving to be better and endure to the end together, then the blessing of eternal families is given to us and we are rewarded to live in perfect happiness with our families in the eternities. (like seriously what greater blessing is there)
Then the member started to bear her testimony about how living the Gospel of Jesus Christ in her life has blessed her family. And honestly, the whole time she was talking, I was like “SO TRUE” “MY FAMILY WAS SO BLESSED” and my whole childhood did like this slideshow in my mind. Every week doing family night with my family, every morning praying with my mom and dad before leaving for school, ending the day with scripture study and family prayer.. having family counsels and mini interviews with my dad.. like the reason behind all my family’s happiness growing up, was centered around this gospel. It seriously almost made me cry! I was so overwhelmed with gratitude for my parents who taught me this gospel growing up, and the opportunities they gave our family to learn, progress and become better by living it. I was so grateful for my Heavenly Father who provided this plan of happiness and allowed my family to participate in it. My family is truly eternally blessed because of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!
Second favorite experience of the week: last night. We met with a new investigator that had met the missionaries in Utah while living there, and had attended church a few times. As we were talking with her, she talked about how moving back to Korea has been hard for her. While she lived in Utah, she loved being with the church members. She said that the members of the church were just free. Free from worry, free from pressures, free from expectations… She said when she saw the members.. she was just jealous because they weren’t worried about nicer cars, bigger houses, studying harder, etc… like the people in Korea. They were just content. And how by living with the church members, she started to change like them. But by moving back to Korea, she has become too busy to enjoy that comfort, and has become too busy to go to church and to learn more about the gospel. She said when she is at church, or learning the gospel, she just thinks about all the other things she needs to be doing in the day. I realized two things while she was talking.
2. It isn’t just the people in Utah, it’s the members every where that can enjoy that peace! Because as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, we can know our purpose in this life, and hopefully it is easier for us to not get so caught up in all the busy-i-ness of the world. We know where we came from, why we are here, and where we are going. We know that our lives are a time to prepare to live with Heavenly Father again.. and because we are focused on our purpose, we can avoid all that other crap that comes from being too busy.
(HAHA–she doesn’t really know what is going on at home–mom’s comment)
Love you,
sister emmclegg

Emulate Christ & pray for my foot!

August 28, 2017
My favorite experience of the week:
Meeting with our investigator!
We started the lesson by following up about her coming to English class. She started talking about how when she was younger, she always saw the missionaries and members of our church. Though she went to a different church, she was always so impressed by the light that they had. She said whenever she saw the members or the missionaries, they were bright and just glowed with a peaceful feeling. She started meeting the missionaries years ago, and even attended church a few times, but because she moved to India, her connections were lost.
She said that when she attended English class and met the members, the same feeling came back to her! She said she was so impressed with the peace that the member’s emulate. Every time she has seen missionaries, or met members, she’s been so impressed with the light they have, that she feels that this church is something that is right for her.
As she was talking, I was so touched. Sometimes in life, we get so caught in the world, that we forget how much people are really watching every thing we do. But it’s true! People are always watching us, and even people we don’t meet, or people we don’t talk to, they notice the light of Christ in us all. Sharing our light, being an example in all we do.. It is missionary work!
Because of that light that she saw growing up, and because of that peaceful feeling she felt meeting the members.. she feels that this is the church for her!
Grateful for her and how she taught me that really every thing we do should emulate Christ. Our words, actions, our dress, our overall appearance.. We should always strive to shine our light to others, and emulate Christ in all we do.
Excited to keep working with her.. LUV HER
Also sad update: Have a mosquito bite on my foot. Please pray for me. I am dying.

Sister Clegg

Biggest Miracles

August 21, 2017

This week was another good week. We met this super, super prepared investigator. The biggest lesson learned his week: the biggest miracles happen when I have done absolutely nothing to help. Seriously! It has been when people are just placed into our hands by the Lord. I learned that this week and also learned that if I want to be able to see those big miracles, I need to stop pushing so hard and start letting Him take the wheel and control the work! Trusting Him, having faith that He hears my prayers, knows my desires and heart, and is blessing me with what I need.
Companion and I are doing awesome. We saw so many miracles this week. Our area is definitely booming with missionary work. It is doing awesome. We are super blessed! As STLs, we just visit the sisters in their areas and go on splits with them in our areas and call them and then do the training at zone meetings and then conduct district meetings sometimes and just make sure the sisters are happy and doing well. It’s fun, but also low-key–I’m a little nervous because tomorrow is zone conference and my companion and I are doing the training, so that will be interesting.
We met this super cool investigator a few weeks ago and I am so happy! I feel like she was sent to me! I love her so much.
Sorry so short–bye, Sista Clegg
Interesting fact:  Korean bathrooms have no shower. It’s just like a faucet (is that how you spell it) on the wall and there’s no walls or anything. Just an FYI. Just something kind of fun about Korea.

Heaven on Earth

August 14, 2017
This past week truly testified to me how this is truly the Lord’s work! Every experience I had this week in my new area proved that to me.
Best experience of the week:
We are meeting with an investigator that has been meeting with missionaries for a little bit. She has never really progressed or showed any interest though. So we were a little confused on how to help her. But this last time we met her, we decided it would be best to teach about repentance, baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost. As we started talking, we could sense she was feeling something different than what we were teaching, so we stopped and asked her how she felt. She opened up and said that she has had times when she believed there was a God, but then after a time, she forgets those feelings and then doubts immerge and she can’t honestly admit that she believes He lives and loves her. She said if she could honestly believe like us, it would make her happy, but she just doesn’t know if she is able to do that. As she was talking, my heart was so touched!
When I first started my mission, I had a time where I seriously doubted absolutely everything about my testimony. It was one of the biggest trials I have ever gone through, and it was because I was doubting my entire testimony. As she was explaining what she was feeling, I could instantly relate to exactly how she felt. Similar feelings that I had experienced early in my mission came back, and I felt such a connection with her. I was seriously in tears! I never ever understood why I had that kind of trial on my mission. Why I would ever doubt my testimony and doubt the existance of God and His Jesus Christ, WHILE A MISSIONARY? Why was that part of my mission? That time was extremely discouraging, and honestly I was frustrated with myself a lot! It took a long time to get over that and I never understood WHY..
But as soon as this investigator started sharing this experience, I knew exactly WHY I had that trial.. it was for her! I knew exactly what she felt, and I knew exactly how to help her. The words flowed from my mouth as I shared my experience and how I was able to overcome that in my own life. I feel like she is someone that I had met before this life, and it was planned for us to meet in Korea!  Experiences like these just prove even more how much Heavenly Father is aware of each of us. He truly knows and loves us all.
I think the biggest thing I learned this week is patience and humility. I always served in the super small, hard cities in my mission. One of the sisters in our zone got transferred to the smaller area in our zone and she was complaining about how it isn’t missionary work to just walk around and how it’s a waste of time to serve in cities like this and it’s for elders and blah blah blah. It honestly kind of hurt my feelings, because that is where I spent most of my mission!!  Just because I never saw those big miracles in the big city, doesn’t mean I “didn’t waste my time” or “didn’t do missionary work”.. it taught me to find and seek the Lord’s hand in my life even more! Though they were smaller, I was able to find miracles in my days. It taught me to be humble and grateful for those kinds of miracles! Grateful to have been able to serve in the smallest cities of our mission. Seriously a blessing! Also grateful my prayers have been answered in being able to see the bigger side of things too!! Lucky to serve here!!
New companion is sent from heaven. Love her with all my heart.
Fun stories: went to Soeul this week because she lost her passport. HAHA classic. After some major failed attempts of proselyting on the streets of Souel, we came back and realized, “YES, SO GRATEFUL TO BE SERVING IN DAEJEON!”
All my love,
Sister Clegg


Transfer Time–after 8 months

fullsizeoutput_4442HI FAM

New companion: Sister Kim
Super rough saying goodbye to so many loved ones. This place has become my home. The people I have served with have become my family. I learned so much from every one here.
But especially our lovely investigator!
The biggest thing I learned from working with her is the power of the spirit in conversation. Whenever we met her, the spirit was so strong. All of our hearts were on fire! There was no way that every one in the room couldn’t tell that what we were sharing was from God. Because the spirit was always so strong when we taught her, her heart was softened and opened to accepting the message of the Restoration. She initially met us just for English, but as we continued to meet her, her heart opened and she was able to really find the truth for herself. She would always tell me, “every time I’m with the missionaries or I read the Book of Mormon, I feel like my heart is healing. It is really peace to me”.
She really taught me that the Holy Ghost is the single most important part of conversion. You can really only come to feel the truth and be truly converted when you feel the Holy Ghost and recognize it talking to you. I’m so grateful for her and all that she taught me! I feel like meeting her really taught me what missionary work is!   We are meeting her one last time tonight and I’m so so heart broken!! She’s been the best part of my mission. I love her so much!! When she goes through the temple, I’m coming back to Korea!!! She will forever be the best part of Korea to me!!!
I can’t even put into words how much I learned here while serving here. I feel like serving here really taught me what a missionary is. What we need to do, what we need to feel, what we need to say, how we need to act, and how we need to love others. Serving the people here changed me forever! So grateful for the chance to serve here.
Honestly, shed some major tears yesterday. I feel like this place has seriously become my home. I’ve lived here longer than I lived at the freshman dorms in BYU!! The members are soooo my family. This last Sunday was super sad saying goodbye to people whom I have learned to love so much.
Look forward to the next new area and the next new companion and the adventures that lie ahead!!! Just happy to be serving my Savior :)))!!!!
ps: funny story:
It was fast Sunday and our ward mission leader found me in the congregation and motioned for me to get up and bear my testimony. He kept giving me the “look” and nodding his head towards the stand. I kept saying no…. and then finally got up. After I bore my testimony, I invited him to get up and bear his testimony after. Then all the members were laughing, typing it out, it sounds lame.. but just know it was funnier than it sounds.
Love the members here! Love the investigators. Love the people! haha just love Mokpo, okay!
Bye Sister Clegg